What have I written about? Below is an index of posts to date (6 January 2016), by subject area. A few appear in more than one category. But every post is listed at least once (the archivist's mentality...). The categories are in roughly descending order of importance as I see it. Within categories, they are by post date.

The core argument for acceptance of celibate pedophiles:
Fundamental Beliefs
Pedophilia isn't chosen and can't be changed
Celibate pedophiles are common
Civil libertarians must accept celibate pedophilia

Seeking more clarity on sticky issues:
The terminology mess
How many pedophiles -- Wait, why do you ask?
Variety in how pedophiles relate to children
Age of attraction is one continuous dimension
Doing the numbers: How many pedophiles offend?

Appropriate limits on pedophile behavior (which never includes adult-child sexual activity):
Is it OK for pedophiles to fantasize?
Who is it OK for pedophiles to fantasize about?
The benign desires of the typical pedophile
Celibate pedophiles spending time with children
To tell or not to tell? Pedophiles and marriage
Pedophilia and parenthood -- a cautious yes
Private sexual satisfaction is good

Child pornography:
Virtual child pornography as thought crime
Real child pornography
Harm to children in child pornography
Seto's Internet Sex Offenders on CP
Do you believe in telepathy?
The elusive harm of viewing CP
How does CP offending affect contact offending?
The right to be left alone -- short and sweet
John Grisham on CP: The bad and the good
More on CP -- preparing to go digging
Pulling CP apart -- the child's reaction
Pulling CP apart -- the activity
Pulling CP apart -- other aspects
Compassion for CP Viewers

The victim's side (note that only some abusers are pedophiles):
Keeping children safe
Keep kids safer: Get rid of mandated reporting!
Police rushing to disrupt families
Another variable: What kids think of sex
Internet sex predators reconsidered
Tiger, Tiger, a subtle sex abuse memoir
What if adult rape was a mandated reporting offense?
Benefits to less shame around sex -- both wanted and unwanted
Regret of Early Sex in Diary of a Teenage Girl

Impressions from talking with pedophiles online:
Things celibate pedophiles do
What are celibate pedophiles like?
The benign desires of the typical pedophile
Pedophilia and Asperger Syndrome
Childhood pictures of adult partners
Pedophiles who hate themselves just like you hate them
Pedophilia and Suicide
Playing life in 'expert mode'
Pedophilic Attraction For Squeamish Dummies

Pedophilia hysteria and normal people:
The naked two-year-old
It's a child ... run away!
Selecting for dangerous or clueless men
The suffering of the non-pedophilic non-offender

Reflecting on activism on issues related to pedophilia:
Door slammed in face
Why not just keep quiet?
Those other pedophiles
Eating your road-kill pet dog
Trouble imagining our existence
Coming out voluntarily
Civil commitment for (subhuman) pedophiles
How far apart the sides can be...
John Grisham on CP: The bad and the good
Apparent self-interest
Repeat: Many pedophiles never abuse kids!
Pedophiles who hate themselves just like you hate them
The neglected older pedophile
A "Dangerous Persons" Registry
Religious Social Conservatives and Pedophilia
The Cascade From "Yuck"

Considering the Pro-Legalization (Pro-Contact) Position
Why pedophiles (and others) should not have sex with kids
Pro-contact and anti-contact pedophiles
The political disaster of the pro-contact view
What sorts of child sexuality are OK?
The failure of absolutes
Sex is special
Costs and benefits for prepubescents
How things change when the girl is 13 instead of 8
Transforming society to allow adult-child sex?
Two audiences: pedophiles and public
Truly universal suffrage: Lowering the voting age to zero

Other projects/books/films, etc.
Seto's Internet Sex Offenders on CP
John Grisham on CP: The bad and the good
Tiger, Tiger, a subtle sex abuse memoir
The Psychopath Whisperer by Kent Kiehl
Todd Nickerson's salon.com articles
Can you trust StopItNow's Anti-CP campaign?
Critique of StopItNow's Anti-CP campaign
On StopItNow -- Vengeance Still Lurks
Review of Pedal by Chelsea Rooney
Regret of Early Sex in Diary of a Teenage Girl

Virtuous Pedophiles
On comments, and a couple reflections
Apparent self-interest
Taking stock
Three months later...
Not the News

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