It's been three months since my last post. Part of the reason for silence is that I've written what feels to me like a lot of material, and most of it isn't part of any news cycle. Most of it is just as relevant today as when I wrote it 4 or 5 years ago. It's indexed <here> It's rare that I have a truly new thought.

One of our detractors said in a recent video (which I will not identify) that she simply didn't believe that virtuous pedophiles were virtuous or would stay virtuous their whole lives. She said that if some ordinary guy told her that he would never approach a woman or look at pornography, she would be highly skeptical. She is equally skeptical about pedophiles who promise to not approach children or view child pornography.

This post is adapted from my answer to her. 

There have always been lots of ordinary men who can't get a date. A great majority of them do not respond by raping women. While many could visit a prostitute occasionally, a great many don't want to. The assumption behind ordinary men approaching women is that quite often they can find a mutually enjoyable relationship, whether it be marriage at one extreme or a one-night stand at the other. This simply is not available to most pedophiles. Children cannot respond in that way. It's a natural deterrent. The prospect of a long prison term also deters a lot of people from committing any crime.

If being caught watching adult porn could ruin a man's life (a lifetime on a sex offender registry is a ruined life), a lot would find they could abstain. More important, if the only porn they could find was of women being tortured, they could also abstain. Conscientious pedophiles know the children in child porn videos suffer and want no part of that.

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